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[R2, E1, L1]

[Engine 1] Engine 1 (E-1) is a 2005 Sutphen Engine. This Engine is fully equipped including a Thermal Imaging camera, Holmotro Unit and Paramedic Equipment...

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[Ladder 1] Ladder 1 (L-1) is a 1991 Grumman Aerialcat. This 102 foot ladder platform provides access to the upper reaches of almost all building within the City....

>>> More L-1 images and equipment >>>

[Rescue 2] Rescue 2 (R-2) is a 1998 HME/General Safety Engine. Equipped to handle almost any type of technical rescue situation....

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[Engine 3] Engine 3 (E-3) is  a 1986 Sutphen Pumper.  It is powered by a 522 cu. in. Detroit Diesel with a 4-speed automatic Allison transmission...

>>> More E-3 images and equipment >>>

Chief's Vehicle (FC-1) is a 2000 Ford Expedition 4x4. It is used for day-to-day activities and also functions as the command vehicle at all major incidents. Also is equipped with Radiation detection equipment, and WMD cartridges.

Inspector's Vehicle (FI-1) is a 2001 Ford Windstar. Assigned to the inspection/Investigation Bureau (FI-1). Used by the Fire Prevention Bureau for performing residential and commercial building inspections and fire/arson investigations.

Technical Rescue Trailer Equipped with search and rescue equipment, air shores, 24 volt battery powered hand tools, Petrogen torch, air compressor, search camera, lock-out/tag-out kit.

Utility Truck (U-1) A 2001 Ford F-350 Crew cab pickup 4wd with plow. It is used for day-to-day activities and also functions at emergency scenes.

[Fire Safety House] Children's Fire Safety House This fire safety trailer was purchased by IAFF Local 165 with donations from numerous local companies. It is used to educate children about the hazards of such objects as matches, lighters, fireplaces, etc. It has the ability to generate an artifical "smoke" to teach children the need to crawl from a burning building. It is available for demonstrations to groups of children in the City of Ashtabula. For scheduling information, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (440) 992-7191.

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