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Fire Station 2 to be demolished in Ashtabula

By:  Shelley Terry - Star Beacon

ASHTABULA - - Hot times are over for old Fire Station 2 on West Ninth Street.

The city-owned building will be demolished on Valentine's Day, City Manager Anthony Cantagallo said Friday.

The asbestos will be removed Feb. 12 and, two days later, Ashtabula Iron and Metal will arrive with the wrecking ball, said Dom Iarocci, superintendent of public services.

The cost? "About $12,000," he said.

The fate of the station, which has been abandoned since 1987, has been before the city several times. Most recently, members of the Ashtabula County Fire Chiefs Association considered making the station a home for the county haz-mat, or hazardous materials, team. However, the run-down building needed a lot of work and the plan never fully materialized.

In 2001, City Council hosted an open house, sent out surveys to residents asking what they would like to do with the station. A majority of those who responded were in favor of putting an income tax levy to reopen the station on the May 2002 ballot. The .3 percent income tax failed, according to the Ashtabula County Election Board.

Iarocci said the city also is gathering information on the cost of demolishing the building on Foster Avenue and the old municipal building on Main Avenue.

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