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Oil spill closes part of Lake Avenue

By:  Star Beacon - Shelley Terry

ASHTABULA - - An oil spill closed a section of Lake Avenue for more than hour late Thursday morning.

The Ashtabula Fire Department was called at 10:06 a.m. to Lake and West avenues and West 19th Street for a report of a diesel oil spill on the roadway.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered a large spill, which appeared to start in the northbound lane of West Avenue and continued north on Lake Avenue. The spill extended to the area of Lake City Plating and West 17th Street. The source of the spill appeared to be a moving vehicle and the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Department patrolled the area, looking for a suspect.

Firefighters closed Lake Avenue, south of the Iron Bridge, and directed traffic away from the area for cleanup, according to police dispatcher reports.

The oil spill then changed direction and flowed south on Lake Avenue and west on West 19th Street, according to the fire department's report.

Firefighters were called for material to absorb the spill and, soon afterward, began applying it to the roadway.

Crews from the city's public works department brought traffic-control cones to aid firefighters in traffic control. They also drove a front-end loader and dump truck carrying sand to the scene to assist with spreading the absorbent material on the road.

Shortly before noon, the spill was cleaned up, and traffic resumed as normal. Firefighters drove back to the station on Main Avenue.

As of late Thursday afternoon, deputies had no suspects, officials said.

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