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Five saved in apartment fire -
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Residents clear fire hydrant, help save home

By:  Star Beacon - Margie Trax Page

ASHTABULA — Snowplows scraped the surface of West Sixth Street all weekend, piling snow onto the sidewalks and tree lawns in great waves, covering mailboxes and fire hydrants in their paths.

Somewhere under all that snow was the fire hydrant that would save the house at 1651 W. Sixth St., after the furnace in the basement of the home caught fire at 3:44 p.m. Sunday, filling the basement with smoke and flames, Fire Capt. Jeff Gianantonio said.

Firefighters were able to rush in and attack the flames quickly, saving the house and limiting damage to the furnace and surrounding area of the basement, but the outcome of the fire could have been a very different story if not for the person who cleared the snow from around the hydrant, Gianantonio said.

“The Ashtabula Fire Department would like to thank the neighbors on West 6th Street who had the forethought to shovel out the fire hydrant in front of their house,” Gianantonio said. “Today was a day that we needed to use it. Their actions saved us valuable time in an emergency situation.”

No one was injured, though the family was home at the time of the fire, Gianantonio said.

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