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Fire that killed two-year-old ruled accidental


ASHTABULA -- A Sept. 23 house fire that killed a two-year-old Jordan Elliot was ruled accidental.

Investigators say improper storage of ignitable liquids in the basement is to blame for the accident, which occurred at 3501 Hiawatha Avenue.

The fire appears to have started when fuel vapors came in contact with a heat or an electric source.

Investigators say all other possible accidental and intentional causes have been ruled out.

Five other people escaped the home, which was equipped with working smoke detectors.

There have been 135 fire fatalities in Ohio this year, according to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Here are some tips got for handling and storing fuel properly:
  • Don't store more than a few gallons of fuel (e.g. 1-5 gallons)
  • Never store the fuel in a home or living area Only store fuel in approved containers
  • Keep fuel away from electrical and heat sources such as pilot lights heaters and outlets
  • Never smoke near fuel or while re-fueling an engine
  • Never use gasoline to start a charcoal grill or wood fire
  • Never use gasoline as a means to control weeds or pests
  • Never attempt to start a siphon by mouth

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