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Customer gives store a "drive-thru"

By:  Margie Trax-Page - Star Beacon

  ASHTABULA - The Circle K convenience store at Route 20 and Woodman Avenue didn't have a drive thru window Saturday, but things change.

A female driver pulled into the parking lot Sunday and continued to accelerate over the sidewalk and through the glass and steel double doors at the front of the store, knocking the metal newspaper rack into the middle of the checkout lines, Circle K employees said.

I was behind the counter and I saw the car turn into the parking space and then accelerate, employee Ron Bartone said. I was shocked when the car slammed through the doors.

No one was injured in the accident, though there were several employees and customers in the store, Bartone said.

The police came and said (the woman) had no license and no insurance and the car was registered to someone else, Bartone said. They did a Breathalyzer test on her, but then let her go.

Bartone said he and the other employees thought the woman was drunk, but she only gave one excuse.

She said her flip-flop (shoe) got stuck on the accelerator, he said.

The incident was caught on the store's security cameras, employee Carol Lambert said.

The steel door frame hung crookedly as employees carefully tiptoed through the shattered tempered glass to sweep up the mess.

The store will be closed until the door is replaced and the damage repaired.

We aren't sure when we will reopen, Lambert said. But we are just grateful no one was hurt. This could have been a lot worse.

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