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Five saved in apartment fire -
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People move out, house hit by fire

By:  Star Beacon - Margie Trax Page

ASHTABULA — Shattered glass scattered around wilting jack ‘o lanterns on the porch at 5229 Madison Ave., after a fire destroyed the second floor of the vacant house Sunday morning.

Ashtabula Fire Department firefighters arrived at the scene at 8:31 a.m. and reported “heavy fire venting out of the rear of the structure,” the fire report shows.

The firefighters advanced to the second floor of the house and found heavy smoke and fire, while other firefighters searched the structure for possible victims, Lt. Denny Page reported.

Neighbor Mildred Evans said she heard sirens and saw the flashing lights of emergency vehicles before she saw the flames.

Evans said the family who lived in the house moved out four days before the fire, leaving a laundry basket full of old toys on the curb and their Halloween pumpkins on the front porch.

The home’s windows on all floors and in the basement were broken and the majority of exterior damage was concentrated in the rear attic of the house. Chunks of singed insulation, a melted television and a charred chair were left in the driveway.

The Ashtabula Township Fire Department provided mutual aid at the scene. No injuries were reported, Page said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and damages are estimated at $50,000 for the structure, Page reported.

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