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Trench rescue Training

From the office of Chief Pristera   2007-09-10

Ashtabula Division of Fire to conduct joint rescue training session with Ashtabula Township Fire Department.

Members of the Ashtabula (AFD) and Ashtabula Township (ATFD) fire departments will be conducting a joint training exercise in trench rescue over the next two weeks (September 10-21).

Trench/collapse rescue is one of the unique capabilities of the AFD Technical Rescue Team. Safely rescuing victims from collapsed trenches or excavations is a difficult, technical process that requires special techniques and equipment. To maintain a high level of proficiency, AFD and ATFD conduct annual joint training exercises.

This annual review is a two-part curriculum consisting of a classroom review of safety considerations, rescue techniques, and relevant OHSA regulations. The second portion of the class is “hands-on” and simulates rescuing a victim from a trench.

AFD and ATFD are grateful to Lowe’s and Home Depot for their generous donation of the building materials needed to conduct these classes.

To arrange for photos or for more information, contact Chief Ron Pristera @ 992-7186.

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