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From the office of Chief Pristera   2007-11-15

The Division of Fire is asking all homeowners and residents to clear snow and ice accumulations from fire hydrants near their homes.

The recent winter weather has buried many of the city fire hydrants in snow and ice making them difficult to find, or use in the event of a fire. Because there are over 900 fire hydrants in the City, it is simply not practical for city workers to clear the fire hydrants. We depend on the residents to clear any hydrants near their home.

Since the snow is melting, now is a good time to clear the area around the fire hydrant and a path between the hydrant and the street.

Residents who have a physical disability or medical condition should exercise extreme caution and may want to ask a neighbor to help them.

The Division of Fire appreciates the hard work of the residents who have already cleared the fire hydrants near their homes.

Any questions regarding fire hydrants near your home may be directed to the Division of Fire at 992-7192.

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